How Much Does Pest Control Cost In Perth

How Much Does Pest Control Cost In Perth?

Keeping your home free of pests isn’t the easiest of tasks because your home can be infested by various pests and each one requires a different approach.

That’s where professional pest control services come in. These specialists have the experience and tools to handle various pest infestations and can control them quickly and efficiently. But they cost money, of course.

How much, you wonder? The pest control cost in Perth can vary depending on the type of pest, the extent of the infestation, and the size of the property.

Factors Affecting Pest Control Costs in Perth

There are main considerations when pest control service providers in Perth settle on a price for their services. Here are some of the common ones:

Type of Pest Control Services in Perth

Type of Pest Control Services in Perth

One of the biggest considerations is the type of pest control services they provide. Different pests require different methods to control them; thus, they are priced differently. The more complex or time-consuming the service is, the higher the cost will generally be. 

For example, termites are seriously dangerous for homes in Perth and require finesse when removing them thus they are one of the more expensive services.

On the other hand, weed control is very simple so they are much cheaper. Each type of pest has its unique challenges, influencing how much you end up paying.

Severity of Infestation

In addition to the type of service, the severity of the job is also a major concern. Projects where the infestation is much bigger or severe the final cost will be higher.

The reverse is also true. Simply put, the more pests there are the more you might have to pay to remove them.

Therefore you recommend you contact us and let us inspect your property so that you can have a clear idea about how much it might cost you. 

Size of Property

Property size is a cost concern because generally larger homes and businesses require more time to inspect and clear out. Big houses or businesses in Perth will have more space for pests to infest; therefore, professionals will need more time to remove them carefully. Reversely, smaller homes and stores are quicker and easier to treat so expect to pay less. 

Type of Treatment Required

Finally, the level of treatment used and the tools needed will also be a factor. This factor ties back with factor number two; severity of infestation. If professionals need to use the simple stuff, then your final cost will be low. 

But suppose they have to use stronger chemicals, like eco-friendly or animal-friendly ones. In that case, the final cost of service can be higher. Certain service providers use the good stuff generally so their costs are above average. 

Prices of Pest Control Services

So it’s time we reviewed the average pest control price in Perth. We will be looking at the most common services provided by pest control service providers in Perth. Here they are:

Termite Treatment (from $880)

We will start with one of Perth’s most expensive pest control services: termite treatment. These little buggers are well known for causing heavy damage to Perth homes. As such, they require fast and effective treatment, so the cost starts from $880.

The treatment involves a thorough home inspection and then applying special chemicals. The process is quite detailed since termites are hard to bait and even harder to remove completely. 

Spider Treatment (from $220)

Spiders are scary and Australian spiders are very scary and dangerous. Average cost of spider infestation starts from $220. Commonly spider treatment will involve spraying insecticides around the home. Special care is taken around the corners, basements, and attics which are common infestation zones. 

Rodent Treatment (from $220)

Mice and rats are common causes of diseases and property damages in Perth residential areas. The rodent treatment starts around $220 and goes higher. Professionals will frequently set traps and place bait stations to remove them. They are mainly placed at the rodent entry points. Once the removal is complete those points are sealed off to prevent further infestations. 

Cockroach Treatment (from $220)

Cockroaches are disgusting to look at and they carry various diseases around. In Perth, cockroach treatment costs start at around $220. Various types of sprays and baits are used to control and remove them. They are often used around the kitchens and bathrooms, where they like to breed. The treatment process also kills the eggs to stop future infestation.

Ants Treatment (from $220)

Ants are truly a nuisance, especially if they invade your kitchen looking for food. Ant treatment starts from $220. The treatment involves using sprays and baits to target the ants and their colonies. Professionals look for ant trails and nests to ensure they treat the entire problem. This helps stop the ants from coming back.

Fleas Treatment (from $165)

Fleas can make pets and people very uncomfortable with their itchy bites. Flea treatment costs begin at $165. The treatment includes spraying insecticides in areas where fleas are likely to be, such as carpets, pet bedding, and furniture. It also often involves treating pets with flea control products. This ensures that both the fleas and their eggs are eliminated.

Bees Treatment (from $220)

Bees are important for the environment but can be dangerous if they build a hive near your home. Bee treatment starts at $220. Professionals carefully remove the hive and relocate the bees if possible. This helps protect you and your family from bee stings while also caring for the bees in an environmentally friendly way.

Weed Treatment (from $165)

Weeds can infest your garden and damage your plants. Weed treatment costs start from $165. This treatment involves applying herbicides to kill weeds and prevent them from growing back. It helps keep your garden healthy and looking good by eliminating unwanted plants that compete with your flowers and vegetables.


Pest control prices in Perth can vary quite a bit. The average prices we mentioned in this article were calculated by inspecting various pest control service providers.

There are many other cost-affecting factors in addition to the ones we discussed above. So we highly recommend you find the best pest control service near you and contact them directly. Many of them offer free quotes which can be very helpful.

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