Natural Pest Control Methods For Home In Perth

Natural Pest Control Methods For Home In Perth

Bugs or pests are creatures we could all do without but sadly they are everywhere. We see or hear them in our homes, yards, attics, and other spaces. Each new season new ones seem to come out. Professional pest control is the best solution but sometimes we might want to go with something more natural and homemade.

That is why we will review some natural pest control methods for homes in Perth. Our ten methods will ensure you can naturally remove pests from your home in Perth and in some cases very cheaply.

Effective Homemade Natural Pest Control Techniques You Can Try Today

A pest infestation can be a major nuisance, causing damage to your home and garden, and potentially spreading diseases. While chemical pesticides can be harmful to the environment and your health, natural alternatives offer a safer solution.

In this article, we’ll share 20 simple and effective ways to get rid of pests using natural methods.

Effective Homemade Natural Pest Control Techniques You Can Try Today

1 Create Natural Barrier

Keeping pests out of your home can create barriers using natural ingredients. Garlic, when ground and mixed with water, acts as a strong insect repellent against mosquitoes and beetles. Other substances like cayenne pepper, cinnamon, and talcum powder can also deter insects, although their effectiveness varies with pests.

Plants such as mint and basil planted strategically around entry points can repel flies and ants. However, these natural barriers need frequent reapplication and do not solve the underlying problem of insect infestations.


2 Soapy Death

Using soapy water to kill insects like mites and aphids is effective because the soap coats their bodies and suffocates them. Mix liquid soap with water and directly spray it on the insects or affected areas. This method is safe and easy to use but evaporates quickly under hot conditions, requiring frequent reapplication. It is unsuitable for larger infestations or pests that hide within structures, like fleas.

3 Oily Death

Oil-based insecticides work similarly to soapy water by suffocating insects like aphids and mites. Mix vegetable oil with soap and water, shake well, and spray it directly on pests. The oily coating disrupts their respiratory system, causing them to die. Like soapy water, this method needs direct application and may not be practical for widespread or persistent infestations.

4 Citrus Attack

Spiders dislike citrus scents, making citrus juice mixed with water an effective repellent. Wipe down surfaces where spiders appear to keep them away. However, this method requires regular application and can leave surfaces sticky. It also only moves spiders to other areas instead of eliminating them completely.

5 Kill The Queen

For fire ants, targeting the queen is crucial. Spread grits on the ant hill; worker ants will carry them to the queen, who will ingest them. When the grits expand in her stomach after drinking water, she dies, leading to the collapse of the colony. This method is weather-dependent as wet conditions can render the grits ineffective. It may also attract other pests if not managed carefully.

6 Roach Elimination

Roaches can be controlled using homemade baits like a mix of icing sugar and simple baking soda. Place these baits where roaches are active; they will consume them and eventually die. Another option is boric acid, but it must be used cautiously as it is toxic to humans. Homemade baits can lose effectiveness over time as roaches develop resistance and may not address large infestations effectively.

7 Destroy The Scent With Vinegar

Ants use scent trails to navigate to food sources. Wiping down any surfaces with vinegar and water solution disrupts these trails, forcing ants to search elsewhere for food. While this method helps manage ant invasions temporarily, it does not eliminate the nest, so ants may return if the source is not addressed.

8 Cloves Over Mothballs

Cloves are a natural alternative to mothballs for repelling moths without a strong odor. Another effective method is using light traps over water bowls; moths are attracted to light and fall into the water, where they drown. These methods repel moths from specific areas but do not eradicate them entirely.

9 Drive Away The Fleas With Rosemary

Rosemary can repel fleas when sprinkled on pets and their bedding. It leaves a pleasant smell but only moves fleas to other locations without addressing the infestation source. Continuous application may be necessary to maintain effectiveness.

10 Let Fruit Flies Drink Themselves To Death

Fruit flies can be lured and trapped using Chardonnay mixed with a drop of soap in a container. The flies are attracted to the wine, get trapped, and drown. This method targets adult fruit flies but does not address larvae or breeding sites, requiring additional measures to prevent future infestations.


Natural pest control methods for homes in Perth aren’t as complicated as you thought they were, are they? This is because with the right guide, many natural ingredients can be used as pest removers.
The ten methods we shared in this article have been tested by professionals and homeowners, so you can put your trust in them. If the pest situation in your Perth home becomes too much, feel free to contact LPWC immediately.

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