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Termite Control Service in Perth, Australia

Termites, also known as silent destroyers, can wreak havoc on your property before you even realize it. These tiny pests work quietly and quickly – causing significant damage to your furniture, important documents, and even home structure. To protect your property and peace of mind, it is crucial to get professional help against termites.

If you are looking for reliable termite pest control in Perth, Australia – contact us today!

termite pest control service in perth

Why Do You Need Termite Control Service?

If you are concerned about termites, it is always best to call a professional exterminator. They will be able to safely and effectively remove termites from your home and prevent them from coming back.

Here’s why you need professional termite pest control-


They can chew through wood, drywall, and even concrete. This means that you will need to use powerful pesticides to kill them, and you may also need to replace damaged wood.


If you leave termites untreated, they can cause structural damage that can be costly and time-consuming to repair.


Residential Pest Control

Finally, termites can cause allergic reactions and respiratory problems. They can also spread diseases. It is important to wear protective gear when dealing with termites.

The Harmful Effects of Termites

Termites can cause substantial damage to your home in a short time. Your important documents, expensive furniture, and beloved home can be torn to shreds before you even know it!

Structural Damage

Termites feed on cellulose which is the primary component of wood. As they consume wood, they weaken and reduce the structural integrity of walls, floors, and ceilings.
This damage can lead to sagging floors, cracked walls, and even structural collapse in severe cases.

Financial Burden

The cost of repairing termite damage can be huge. You may have to replace termite-infested wood, restore structural integrity, and address the cosmetic damage caused by these pests.
The overall cost of termite infestation can become a financial burden and disrupt your life.

Health Hazard

Termite droppings and dust can trigger allergic reactions and respiratory problems. This is particularly riskier for individuals with sensitivities.
Besides, termite-infested wood can become a breeding ground for mold, further increasing health risks.

Keep Your Surroundings Safe

How to Get Rid of Termites

After detecting signs of a termite infestation, you need to take fast action to prevent further damage and protect your property. Our termites pest control services offer many different treatments –


Liquid Termiticides

These solutions are applied to the soil around your home's perimeter or entry points. They act as a protective barrier, either repelling termites or killing them upon contact.
This method is effective in preventing termite entry into your property.


Bait System

This method involves placing bait stations around your property. Termites are attracted to the bait and carry it back to their colony, where it will kill the entire colony over time.
Baiting is a slower-acting method but offers long-term protection.


Wood Treatments

You can protect your wooden structures from termites with special treatments. These solutions kill existing termites and prevent them from coming back.


Heat Treatments

This involves raising the temperature in specific areas to a level that is lethal to termites, typically around 120°F (49°C) to 140°F (60°C). It's particularly effective in eliminating termites without using chemicals.

Keep Your Surroundings Safe

Termites Treatment Cost

Usually, the treatment cost for termites in Perth, Australia. Termite treatment from $880, Termite inspection from $220. This pricing can depend on multiple factors –

Size of the Property

Larger properties typically require more chemicals and professionals, which can affect the overall cost.

Type of Treatment

Different treatment methods have varying costs. For instance, bait systems might have a different price point compared to liquid termiticides or heat treatments.

Severity of Infestation

The more extensive the damage and the larger the colony, the more intensive and potentially costly the treatment.

Why Choose Us?

Although there are many pest control services available in Perth, Australia – we stand out because of our exceptional pricing and service.


Emergency Service

We understand the urgency of termite infestations. Our team offers fast and effective solutions to your termite problems.


Eco-friendly Chemicals

Our treatments prioritize safety, using eco-friendly chemicals that effectively remove termites without harming your family or pets.


24/7 Support

Our commitment to your satisfaction goes beyond regular business hours. We provide round-the-clock support for any concerns or queries.


Expertise and Experience

With years of experience in termite control, our team has trained professionals equipped with the latest techniques and tools.


We recommend having your home inspected for termites every year.

You may notice mud tubes on the outside of your home, damaged wood, termite droppings, etc.

The length of time that termite treatment lasts will vary depending on the type of treatment you choose. However, most termite treatments will last for several years.

Our treatments are designed for long-term protection, but regular inspections and preventive measures are recommended to avoid re-infestation

Depending on the type of treatment, it may range from a few hours to a few weeks.

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