Balancing Bee Benefits and Safety Near Homes

Bees Control in Perth

Bees are vital for our environment as key pollinators, but having them close to homes or businesses can raise worries at times. Having bees nearby can be stressful and disrupt daily life due to the fear of getting stung. Beehives near buildings can lead to structural damage, needing costly repairs.

Trying to get rid of bees on your own can be dangerous. So, it’s important to have professional help. If you are worrying about bees control in Perth, we are here with the best service. Contact us today!

bee control service in perth

Why Professional Bees Removal Is Important

Honey bees, carpenter bees, native stingless bees, and European wasps are commonly found in Perth. While it may be tempting to move that bee hive by yourself, here’s why you should let a professional deal with it –


Safety Measures

Experts use safe methods to handle bees, minimizing the risks of stings and allergic reactions.


Expert Knowledge

Professionals have the expertise to identify bee species and use appropriate strategies for safe removal.


Humane Practices

They use ethical methods to relocate bees, ensuring their preservation rather than extermination.


Property Protection

Professionals protect buildings from potential damage caused by bee colonies.

How Bees Can Negatively Affect Your Daily Life

While bees are crucial pollinators, their presence can sometimes negatively affect our lives in several ways:

Safety Concerns

Their presence near homes or busy areas can raise safety worries, especially for those allergic to stings.

Outdoor Limitations

Fear of getting stung might limit outdoor activities around areas with high bee activity.

Property Concerns

Beehives near buildings can lead to worry about potential structural damage or difficulty in enjoying outdoor spaces.

Stress and Disruption

The constant buzzing and fear of being stung can cause stress, affecting daily routines and comfort.

Ways You Can Control A Bee Infestation

When dealing with a bee infestation, partnering with experienced bee exterminators is crucial for safe and effective control. Here’s how we, as professionals, approach bee infestations in Perth:


Thorough Inspection and Identification

We will meticulously examine your property to locate bee activity, nesting sites, and potential entry points. We may collect specimens or observe behavior for accurate identification.


Severity Assessment

We will thoroughly assess the extent of the infestation, including the size and accessibility of the nest, the number of bees, and potential risks.


Customized Treatment Plan

Based on our inspection findings, we will develop a personalized treatment plan that combines various methods to address your specific situation. For honey bee colonies, we may safely remove and relocate them to a suitable environment, ensuring the bees' survival and your safety.



We can seal cracks, crevices, and other entry points to prevent future bees from entering your property and establishing new nests.



In some cases, we may utilize baits to attract and eliminate worker bees, gradually reducing the colony size.



We will revisit your property after the initial treatment to monitor its effectiveness and identify any residual activity.

What Are the Costs of Bees Control?

The cost for bee control in Perth, Australia can range from $100-$500. The pricing can change due to –

Infestation Severity

The level of infestation and the size of the bee colony influence the overall cost.

Bee Species

Different bee species might require specific removal methods, affecting the pricing.


The location of the bee colony, its accessibility, and proximity to buildings can impact the cost.

The extent of Damage

If the bees have caused structural damage, repairs or restoration might add to the overall expense.

Why Choose Us?

We provide emergency service if you need help with a bee infestation immediately. Our staff are here 24/7 to answer your queries even after office hours.


Expertise and Experience

Our team has skilled professionals with extensive experience in handling various bee species and infestations.


Safe and Eco-friendly Practices

We prioritize safe, humane, and eco-friendly methods, ensuring the preservation of bees while addressing infestations.


Customized Solutions

We tailor our strategies to suit your unique bee issues, providing effective and personalized treatment plans.


Property Protection

Our methods protect your property from potential damage caused by bee colonies.


Signs include visible nests, swarming activity, increased bee activity, and honeycomb fragments near potential nesting sites.

Relocation, exclusion, baiting, spraying, dusting, and nest removal are common methods.

Proper removal methods usually prevent bees from returning to the same location. However, it’s essential to take preventive measures to avoid future infestations.

Seal potential entry points, keep your property clean, and remove any potential nesting materials.

Remove the stinger if present, clean the area, and seek medical help if there’s an allergic reaction or multiple stings.

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