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Been hitting a lot of spiders with shoes lately? Maybe it is time to get a professional in to kill off the spiders hanging out in your Willagee house.

Contact us to book an appointment to make sure that the creepy crawlies stay outside the house and not in your home.


5 Reasons to pick us to deal with your Willagee spider infestation.


  • We are spider experts – spiders are tricky to eliminate fully and it takes an expert’s knowledge to ensure spiders stay away from your home. We know how to remove and keep all common spider species out of your home.
  • Fast Service – Our team works effectively and fast to ensure that you can get back into your pest-free home faster.
  • Safety – We ensure that all pets and children are safe, using chemicals that will not be harmful. We will let you know when you need to remove pets from the property for their safety.
  • Chemical Experts – spiders, like all pests need very specific chemicals to actually kill them, we know exactly what chemical to use when. Rest assured that the chemicals will work alongside regular maintenance to keep rats away.
  • On-time team – We don’t want to waste your time and will be on time to ensure that your spider problem is dealt with fast.

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When it comes to Perth Spider Control, the main spiders of concern are Redbacks and White Tails. You already know how to identify Redbacks by their telltale red stripe and Whitetails by their oval rear end and white spot. White-Tailed Spiders and Redback Spiders can both cause problems with their bites being painful and dangerous.

Spiders are an essential part of the environment, the world’s greatest form of pest control and consideration should be taken as to what areas you may want to leave aside for spiders to live. For example, we would recommend spiders be left alive around vegetable gardens.

Common types of spiders:

  • Redbacks
  • White-tailed spider
  • Mouse spider
  • Black and grey house spider
  • Huntsman

Spider control tips

Inspect your roof for leaks – make sure all your gutters and downpipes are in good working order and that splash blocks and pipes divert water several feet away from your foundation.

Secure and latch all your garbage – secure and store them several feet away from your home or business. Make sure that you have your garbage removed from your home and outside containers regularly.

Do not leave pet food exposed – train your pets to eat a few times a day at a certain time, then remove the food and store it in a hard plastic container.

Bitten by a Redback Spider?

  1. Apply Ice water to bite, do not dress the wound, take painkillers.
  2. The bite may feel like a pinprick but the pain will increase after 5 minutes and the digestive system, lymph nodes and muscles could be affected.
  3. Seek medical attention.
  4. Pain can be extreme but the antivenom is very effective if needed.
  5. You may need to go to the hospital as GP’s do not usually stock it.

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