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Rats can carry disease and cause massive amounts of damage to your home, this is why if you think that you might have rats contact us right away for an assessment.

How do I know if I have rats?

  1. In the quiet of the night or early morning, you hear noises in the roof space.
  2. Your house is starting to smell odd (mild or strong). You notice it when you get home.
  3. Rat faeces in your kitchen and cupboards
  4. Your cat is going nuts
  5. In really drastic cases your roof may collapse due to rat faeces and urine in your insulation.

5 Reasons to pick us to deal with your Coolbellup rats infestation.

  • We are rats experts – rats are tricky to eliminate fully and it takes experts knowledge to ensure rats stay away from your home. We know how to remove and keep all common rats species out of your home.
  • Fast Service – Our team works effectively and fast to ensure that you can get back into your pest-free home faster.
  • Safety – We ensure that all pets and children are safe, using chemicals that will not be harmful. We will let you know when you need to remove pets from the property for their safety.
  • Chemical Experts – rats, like all pests need very specific chemicals to actually kill them, we know exactly what chemical to use when. Rest assured that the chemicals will work alongside regular maintenance to keep rats away.
  • On-time team – We don’t want to waste your time and will be on time to ensure that your rat problem is dealt with fast.

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A conservative estimate on the number of rats in Australia is one rat for every person living in Australia. Currently, there are over 60 described species of rats in Australia, however, two rats the Black Rat and Brown Rat are introduced species. The more widespread and Black Rat also known as the Roof Rat is more usually found in urban areas such as Coolbellup.

Rats can reproduce at an alarming rate with the female having a short gestation period of approximately 21 days. The offspring are then able to breed at around 10 weeks. Under the right conditions, they are able to have over 100 babies per year and live for up to 3 years.

Think you might have a rat problem? Please act fast and contact us on 0451 131 381 as rats and mice can start fires and cause a lot of mange to your home if left unchecked.

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