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White Ant Treatment for Termite Problems in Myaree

White Ant Treatment: We detect, remove and prevent further damage from White Ants in Myaree

White Ants is another term used in Perth for Termites.  White Ant treatments are in fact termite treatments which use different processes to ant pest control. However, because the term White Ants is such a popular reference for termites we use it interchangeably in our site.

Loins Pest Control Myaree White Ant Treatment and Eradicating Tips:

1. Do Not Use Everyday Insecticide

While everyday insecticide’s may kill a few White Ants, because it has not been created for specifically White Ants, the surviving White Ants will be communicate with the rest of the colony and scatter to different timber sources in the house, limiting the effectiveness of the insecticide.

The queen is then able to lay thousands of new eggs to replace any dead termites, everyday insecticide will not get rid of them.

2. Understand the Type of Species of White Ant that are in your Myaree Property

It is important to accurately identify the species of White Ant as then the most effective treatment method can be used. To determine the species you will need too know the locations the White Ants are damaging the property and the area the nests are located.

One of the species of Termite or White Ant is the subterranean Termite. This species of Termite are quite shy insect that are able to work together. They are often found foraging between walls, subfloor and the roof cavity. The damage that they can cause should not be ignored as over time they are able to cause substantial damage that may not be able to be fixed.

However not all species of White Ant damage properties, in fact only a small percentage of termite species around the world damage properties. This is why it is important to determine the species of termite.

Termite (White Ant) Prevention Tips

We Don’t Recommend Treating Myaree White Ants Yourself. Here is Why!

Often without the proper training and experience of treating a termite infestation yourself will have hit or miss results. Loins Pest and Weed Control recommend using professionals to get a reliable and safer result. Three of the ways you can treat a white ant infestation include:

  • Applying White Ant Bate
    White Ant bate should be mixed with bottled water and then should be placed in a location where the termites are most active. The mixed solution should be left there for four to six weeks. It is very important to use bottled water as tap water may deter the termites due to their highly developed sense of smell being able to detect the chloride in the water. It is important to keep refilling the bait until the White Ant stop feeding. The two recommended baits are Nemesis or Sentricon.
  • Dust with Termiticide
    The dust spreads to the rest of the colony by spreading between termites from those that have been infected. This method may require patience as dust will need to be placed in each location where the termites are located over a two to three-week time frame. The Arsenic dust is not recommended as it is extremely poisonous and require a lot of care when handling. The less hazardous options include Premise or Termidor.
  • Insert termite insecticide chemicals into a termite nest
    This method uses the chemicals to kill the termites slowly within their nests or sub-nests. It is important to treat the main nest if it is possible as this is where the queen will be located. This techniques is a highly effective way of eliminating an entire colony of termites and will take about six weeks. After the colony has been removed it is also important to ensure an adequate perimeter or subfloor barrier is installed to prevent White Ant from returning.

Do you suspect your Myaree property has White Ants?

Get a professional White Ant inspection. Loins Pest and Weed Control have experienced and professional white ant inspectors. With years of experience our inspectors are able to better know where to look and the tell tale signs that show signs of white ant activity. Missing or ineffectively treating a white ant infestation can be very costly and far out way the cost of a professional inspection and treatment.

With the knowledge of how white ants operate we will be able to advise if there any signs of white ant activity or the risk level of the type of species of white ant, or the risk scenarios that may lead to a white ant infestation.

Get a White Ant Pre-Construction Spray

Perth builders and concreters use Loins Pest Control to spray chemicals down before your concrete pad is laid to ensure no termite activity under your home, leading to problems down the track. If you are adding an extension to your home, you need to get a pre-construction spray to eliminate white ant worries on your extension.

Pre-Construction – Physical Termite Barrier

Renovating, building a new home or extending an existing home? The regulations for termite management have changed and you will require a physical barrier.

A physical White Ant barrier is pretty much what the name suggests. It must be installed prior to any concrete slab poured and is designed to prevent concealed termite entry to a building. The termites must build mud tunnels to access the building which can easily be identified or spotted. 

Pr-Construction Termite Treatment in accordance with Australian Standard AS 3660.1 – 2000 Termite Management New Building Work and AS 3660.2 – 2000 Termite Management in and Around Existing Buildings.

Cost of White Ant Inspections in Myaree

Pricing of a professional White Ant treatment is usually between $150 to $280 depending on the size of the property.

White Ant Inspection Certificate

Ensuring that a prospective home or property has a white ant inspection is crucial to avoid very expensive repairs. Loins Pest and Weed control offers a White Ant inspection certificate for per-owned and newly constructed homes to give you the peace of mind before your purchase a large investment.

What chemicals does Loins Pest and Weed Control use for White Ant Treatments Myaree?

Termidor (Active Constituent : Fipronil)

This chemical is not visible to White Ants, it is water based and doesn’t have a perceptible odour. Termidor is not damaging to the soil, earthworms, plants or micro-organisms. The chemical is lethal to the white ants and is also transferred between white ant to white ant, through general contact, grooming and food exchange. Through this transfer provides the chemical Termidor the ability to wipe out an entire white ant colony. The Termidor chemical has a residual live of approximately seven years.

Premise (Active Constituent : Imidacloprid)

The Premise chemical is the only termiticide which is not classified as hazardous by Worksafe Australia. It is not visible to termites, water based and has no odour. The chemical transfers between the termites via general contact, grooming and food exchange. The Premise chemical has a residual life of about five years.

Bifenthrin (Active Constituent : Bifenthrin)

Bifenthrin unlike Premise and Termidor is both lethal to white ants and acts a repellent as it has an odour associated with the application of the chemical. The smell however dissipates quite quickly. The chemical has a residual life of three to ten years which is dependent on the concentration of the mix. It is also the least expensive option for White Ant management.

Fipforce Aqua

Fipforce Aqua acts is a similar fashion as Termidor where white ants pick up micro fine particles of the chemical and then transfer it between other white ants that haven’t entered the treatment zone through general interaction and cannibalism, that allows the chemical to permeate through out the colony.

Chemical Barrier Treatments for Myaree White Ants

Chemical White Ant barriers are used to protect Myaree homes and property from subterranean white ant. This is achieved by drilling an external perimeter around the property and then injecting 10 litres of the White Ant chemical per lineal-meter in the holes. Ensuring that that there is a chemical barrier around the home or property.

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About White Ants

White Ants also known as Termites are small soft bodied insects that are approximately half the size of a match-head. They have caused an immense amount of damage to Australian homes, estimated to have cause more damage then fire, floods and storms combined. So much damage has been caused by White ants that insurance companies won’t cover damage caused by them. This is why it is very important to ensure that your properties is free of white ants or is dealt with as soon as possible.

White Ants can slip under the radar as they tent work slowly and silently eating away at important aspects of your property with out you knowing.

White Ant Facts in Myaree Western Australia

  • To ensure that your home is free of a White Ant infestation your home should have regular inspections of all accessible timber and all possible white ant entry points.
  • If you see flying white ants, this does not indicate that a house is infested.
  • Termites also called White Ants are actually more closely related to cockroaches as opposed to ants
  • There are more than 2500 termite species around the world.
  • The soldier and worker White Ants are blind and work 24 hours a day
  • The average life span of a worker or solider White Ant is up to four years.
  • An industry survey has indicated that in Western Australia approximately one in three properties are subject to attack by the subterranean termite.
  • There is more damage caused to Australian homes and properties due to White Ants than from fire, floods, storms, and tempest combined.
  • White Ants are found throughout Western Australia, all urban areas have a high incidence of attack
  • Standard Home and Building Insurance Policy’s do NOT cover the costs associated with damage caused by White Ant infestations.
  • Mud-tubes are constructed over hard objects by White Ants
  • It is possible for a colony of White ants to have more than a million White Ants. They often consit of a queen, king, young immature nymphs, workers, soldiers, and winged reproductive called alates.
  • White Ant workers are blind and will use a random criss-cross method of foraging for new timber food sources. They do have a sense of smell however and will follow moisture zones and trail along solid objects such as a concrete slab edge.

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