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Went to put on a piece of clothing from your wardrobe only to notice that you have moths? Moths can get into your pantry and ruin your food, contact us today to get your moth problem dealt with.

5 Reasons to pick us to deal with your Perth moth infestation.

  • We are moth experts – moth are tricky to eliminate fully and it takes experts knowledge to ensure moth stay away from your home. We know how to remove and keep all common moth species out of your home.
  • Fast Service – Our team works effectively and fast to ensure that you can get back into your pest-free home faster.
  • Safety – We ensure that all pets and children are safe, using chemicals that will not be harmful. We will let you know when you need to remove pets from the property for their safety
  • Chemical Experts – moths, like all pests need very specific chemicals to actually kill them, we know exactly what chemical to use when. Rest assured that the chemicals will work alongside regular maintenance to keep moths away.
  • On-time team – We don’t want to waste your time and will be on time to ensure that your moth problem is dealt with fast.

Moth lifecycle

Moths, similar to their close relatives, the butterflies, go through a full metamorphosis in their development, i.e. egg, larva, pupa and adult. The female moth, once it has mated, will look for a good spot where there’s readily available food to lay her eggs. For pantry moths, that’s inside food containers while for clothes moths it’s in some closet, or any other place clothes are stored.

Within a couple of days, the eggs will hatch to larvae, also referred to as caterpillars. It’s at this stage that these home invading moth species are most destructive. The moth larvae will devour the “food” around them (clothes or dry foodstuffs, depending on species) to acquire the nutrients they need for further development. During this time they’ll moult several times as they increase in size and when ready, will morph into the pupal stage.

Signs of a clothes moth or pantry moth infestation:

Clothes moths. Clothes moths are photophobic and, therefore, won’t be seen flying around near light sources like other moths. To find out whether you have a clothes moth infestation, you will need to check your clothes for damage caused by the feeding larvae. You might also encounter adult clothes moths hiding in your closet and other dark, rarely accessed areas. Cocoons, webbing and even droppings could also be indicators of an infestation.

Pantry moths. Pantry moths, unlike clothes moths, are attracted to light. It’s, therefore, quite easy to spot them flying around lights at night. Another tell-tale sign of a pantry moth infestation is damaged food that may contain cocoons, live larvae, and/or webbing.


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