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Do you have lots of bites all over your body? Can’t figure out where they are coming from?

It could be bed bugs in your Coolbellup home! Bed bugs can travel far and are near on impossible to get rid of without professional help. Contact us today to book an appointment.

Can you even get bed bugs in Coolbellup – yes bed bugs are still more common than you would think. Bed Bugs are a nuisance pest and can be very difficult to eliminate. While Bed Bugs are not proven to transmit disease they are blood-sucking insects and will cause considerable discomfort to people who sleep in infested rooms. People are regularly observed with hundreds of bites all over their body from a single night in an infested room. In addition to experiencing an itching bite wound that is prone to infection, many people will suffer from anxiety, insomnia and stress.

5 Reasons to pick us to deal with your Coolbellup bed bugs infestation.


  • We are bed bugs experts – bed bugs are tricky to eliminate fully and it takes experts knowledge to ensure bed bugs stay away from your home. We know how to remove and keep all common bed bug species out of your home.
  • Fast Service – Our team works effectively and fast to ensure that you can get back into your pest-free home faster.
  • Safety – We ensure that all pets and children are safe, using chemicals that will not be harmful. We will let you know when you need to remove pets from the property for their safety.
  • Chemical Experts – bed bugs, like all pests need very specific chemicals to actually kill them, we know exactly what chemical to use when. Rest assured that the chemicals will work alongside regular maintenance to keep bed bugs away.
  • On-time team – We don’t want to waste your time and will be on time to ensure that your bed bug problem is dealt with fast.

Other Services that we offer:

The removal of bed bugs in Coolbellup requires specialist treatment. Careful selection of whom you use to help solve your problem is the key to successful eradication of bed bugs, in the home or commercial premises.

Do not hesitate to contact a professional Pest control company ASAP if you think you might have bed bugs. It is so important to get a professional to handle bed bugs as bug bombs from stores will not get rid of them.

Contact us on 0451 131 381 right now to book in inspection and treatment of bed bugs.

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